Adriane Alfred Fuller, Chief Experience Officer

Josette Shelton, Chief Operations Officer

Emma Hotra Schubert, Program Coordinator

Hyo Jung Lee, Program Coordinator

Summer 2017 Team

Camp & 

Global Trek Professionals


Board of Directors

Adriane Alfred Fuller

Carla Harmon

Sylvia Quinton

Arelene Reichter

May Chan

Yolanda Hawthorne

Jennipher Snowden

Youth Advisory Panel

Nominations on February 15th


"I know about Peace thru Culture.  I went to Costa Rica and learned about steam energy from the volcano.  I am going to study engineering because I want to know how to make energy from steam." James, Benning Terrace Housing Community - Global Trek Costa Rica in 2010 

Our Team 

Peace thru Culture, Inc. was founded in 2006 and launched its first program in 2008 to provide cultural enrichment programs for children and youth in under resourced communities via Global Education (Out of School Time Programs and Events); and Global Trek (International Travel).  

Our ​curriculum specifically includes programming to support the outcomes of global awareness, leadership skills, communication skills, social responsibility, critical thinking, self reliance and literacy support (science, language, reading, math, writing and the arts).   Our approach also assists in producing anti bullying attitudes and conflict resolution tools.