About PtC

Our ​programming is designed to support the outcomes of global awareness, leadership skills, communication skills, social responsibility, critical thinking, self-reliance, and literacy support (science, language, reading, math, writing, and the arts), civic engagement, and STEM.  Our programs also assist in producing anti-bullying attitudes and conflict resolution tools.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to build tolerance, respect, and understanding among humans through interactive cultural education and global exposure. 


Our Team

PtC Team

Adriane Alfred, Executive Director

Josette Shelton, Operations Director

Etosha L. Price, Project Manager (Intern)

Resident Artist 

Board of Directors

Adriane Alfred Fuller, President

Carla Harmon, Secretary

Sylvia Quinton, Treasurer

Advisory Board

Shaun Alfred                   Ana Bauman

Johnny Brooks                May Chan

Otera Cuhna                   Katea Stitt 

Karen M. Giannakoulias Pierre Hinton

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Email: info@peacethruculture.org

Phone: 202-567-7209

Registered Charity: 06-1744634

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