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PtC Global Trek Panama:

Language & Culture Immersion

Your experience includes

Airfare & Ground Transportation

Sustainable Travel


Eye Opening Lessons & Adventures

All Meals & Snacks


Panama study abroad experience focuses on Spanish language with daily Spanish Classes and immersion activities.  In addition, the rich cultural heritage of Panama, Embera, and Afro Latino people are explored through art, music, dance and food.

Day 1: Panama City, Panama 

- Welcome Reception & History of Panama

- Orientation Briefing & Survival Spanish

- Experience the Culture of Panama Dinner and Show


Day 2: Panama City Experience 

- Spanish Classes 

- Explore the nuance of Panama through a local experience guide sky scrappers, old towns, parkways and park hikes.

Day 3: Embera Tribe Culture & Rainforest

- A look at the life of Embera Tribe and the village through complete cultural immersion 

- Cultural share at the Embera school and service learning

- Spanish Classes and conversations

Day 4: STEM + Art

- Spanish Classes

- The village of knowledge and Panama Canal Cruise and Observation

- Local art project and gallery visit

Day 5: Portobelo Colon

Spanish Classes

- Introduction to the African Diaspora through the Arts (Music, Painting and Dance)

-  Youth select art form to master including art, dance or music.

Local event and costume making

Day 6: Panama City 

- Spanish Classes 

- Master classes art, dance or music

- Final projects and beach olympics

Day 7: Depart for Home

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