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PtC Global Treks Costa Rica

Your experience includes

Airfare & Ground Transportation

Sustainable Travel


Regional-style Meals and Healthy Snacks

Eye Opening Lessons & Adventures

Itinerary: Costa Rica Language & Culture Immersion

Each day includes 2 hours of Spanish lessons, and 2 hours of Spanish immersion and practice. 

Practice and assessments made in advance during pre trip workshops for level placement.

Day 1: Arrive in Costa Rica

Our day starts with travel and prep for our Costa Rica program.

- lunch at a local eatery and Spanish Intro

- orientation and safety briefing

- cultural introduction and youth exchange

- sunset dinner on the beach & bonfire

- wrap up day, Spanish practice blog/vlog, organize & lights out

Day 2: Spanish Classes & Cultures of Santa Cruz

Spanish is our thing and today we will add the town and art of Santa Cruz.

- breakfast and prep for the day

- Spanish classes and immersion activity

-  visit the town of Santa Cruz & lunch

- Guatil pottery making and word games

-  beach towns and the art of surf

- dinner and down time

- wrap up day, Spanish practice blog/vlog & lights out

Day 3: Spanish Classes & Local Culture

Our hands on curriculum brings Language to life and learning fun.

- breakfast and prep for the day

- Spanish class and activities

- lunch ordering and the super market 

- cultural exploration in the town of Coco

- zip line and the Congo Trail

- cooking class and dinner

- wrap up day, Spanish movie night & lights out

Day 4: Spanish Classes & Community Service Project

After Spanish class, our next adventure is a visit to our community service project and  Spanish practice.

- breakfast and prep for the day

- Spanish classes

- lunch on the road

- community service project

- pizza & games night

- wrap up day, sm in Spanish & lights out

Day 5:  - Tenorio Volcano & Chocolate 

A day off to wonder, explore and practice Spanish! 

- breakfast and prep for the day

- Tenorio rainforest hike and waterfall

- farm to table lunch

- coco farms and chocolate making

- blog/vlog, journal and Spanish talents

- wrap up day, game night & lights out

Day 6:  Oceans Alive

Spend the day exploring the Pacific Ocean, and ways to protect our waterways.

- breakfast and prep for the day

- Spanish on the beach

- beach clean-up with local youth

- lunch and multi cultural beach games

- culture share and presentation practice

- dinner with a host family and friends in the Barrio (neighborhood) 

- wrap up day, chill zone & lights out

Day 7:  Youth-to-Youth Community Engagement

Youth to Youth exchange continues with a final day with a host family and friends.

- breakfast and prep for the day

- Spanish class & final prep for presentation

- Playas del Coco shop and promenade

- final night dinner & presentations

- local soccer games & coco town

- wrap up day and prepare for departure

Day 8: Depart for home

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