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PtC Global Trek Panama

Itinerary: Panama Service Learning & Culture Immersion

Day 1: Panama City, Panama 

- Welcome Reception & History of Panama

- Orientation Briefing & Survival Spanish

- Experience the Culture of Panama Dinner and Show


Day 2: Panama City Experience 

- People to People Exchange

- Explore the nuance of Panama through a local experience guide sky scrappers, old towns, parkways and park hikes.

Day 3: Embera Tribe Culture & Rainforest

- A look at the life of Embera Tribe and the village through complete cultural immersion 

- Cultural share at the Embera school and service learning

- Spanish Classes and conversations

Day 4: Panama City

- Sunrise hike and talks with youth.

- The village of knowledge and Panama Canal Cruise and Observation

- Local art project and gallery visit

Day 5: Portobelo Colon & Isla Grande

- Introduction to the African Diaspora through the Arts (Music, Painting and Dance)

-  Youth introduction to art forms including art, dance or music.

- town exploration

Day 6: Oceans Alive - Isla Grande

-Fishing Village Experience

- Meet-up with biologist to learn about sustainable ocean practices

-Beach Olympics and Awards 

Day 7: Isla Grande - Panama City

- Return to Panama City

- Presentation Preparation

- Cooking Class and Dinner

Day 8: Panama City

Depart for Home

Your all inclusive experience includes:

Airfare & Ground Transportation


All Meals & Snacks

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