PtC Corps & Meet-Up

Global education designed to expose youth to new ideas and positive alternatives.

PtC Corps:
PtC Discovery Series
Culture, Civics & Science 
Summer I: June 28 - July 2, 2021

DC offers some of the best parks and waterways.  Our program includes exploration of DC culture on the Potomac River, historic communities and parks. 


All activities are 100% hands-on with science experiments, hikes, culture exploration and other local activities. 

As participants explore the uniqueness and similarities, they will document through artistic presentations using various forms of arts, the camera lens, journaling, and social media.

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PtC Corps:
PtC Discovery Series
Arts & Culture 
Summer II: July 6 - 10,  2021

Youth will explore music, dance, photography, and art through master classes with resident artists.  We check out various cultures while exploring the arts.  


Similarities and differences of the various cultures will be celebrated using the arts and foods.


Our master classes are all hands on and engaging! Youth will learn from some of the areas most accomplished, art, dance, music and photographers.

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PtC Corps:
PtC Discovery Series
Alternative Spring Break

Stay tuned for our next Alternative Spring break program.  This year was a little different and lots of fun!

We are looking forward to re-introducing our travel, in person and most amazing culture, STEM and language programs.

PtC Corps & Meet-Up is a dynamic series of youth development programs and activities that are hosted in the Washington, DC metropolitan area (DC, Maryland and Virginia) to provide cultural enrichment through the arts, STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), social justice and civic engagement programs during out-of-school time.


PtC Corps & Meet-Up programs are an opportunity for youth to explore various cultures and their own culture, to develop leadership and life skills, self pride, social justice and civic awareness.  They are also engaged in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that align with STEM programs.


Participants are also exposed to global opportunities via local college tours, internship day, leadership forums, and optional participation in PtC Global Trek study abroad program.