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PtC Global Trek

 An adventure of language, people, and places. 

PtC Global Trek programs are hosted in the Americas (North, South, and Central) and the Caribbean, providing an excellent backdrop for STEM + Arts, Service Learning, Language (Spanish, French, English), and Cultural Immersion. Our curricula provide specific outcomes to enrich, expose, and engage youth ages 12-18 in global citizenship. PtC Global Trek study abroad programs are curated by educators and tourism gurus with more than 20 years experience in their perspective fields to produce unique, educational, and safe travel.

  •  STEM + Arts (STEAM) treks allow participants to have hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) experiences with local scientists, biologists, and engineers in addition to local artists. ​ ​

  • Language & Cultural Immersion treks include daily language classes and cultural immersion through the arts, sciences, and people-to-people exchanges.

  • Service Learning & Cultural Exchange treks are all about local culture through "people-to-people", community services based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and the arts. 

  • Government, Civics and Culture trek explores the many facets of governments and the impacts on local society. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are introduced to create comparisons and alternative ideas.  

Peace thru Culture (PtC) provides small group study abroad services to schools, organizations, and families. PtC Global Treks are designed specifically for schools and organizations who want a personalized curriculum and travel experience.  For more than a decade, PtC has provided global travel services to DC Public Schools, DC Public Charter Schools, and private organizations. 

Following are a few Global Trek Samples.  Dates for PtC Global Treks will be added by January 20, 2023.


Costa Rica: STEM + Art

Peace thru Culture considers Costa Rica its outpost since they have conducted study abroad programs for over a decade in  Costa Rica.

As leaders in the areas of renewable energy, sustainability and culture,

Costa Rica is also an excellent backdrop for the STEM & Arts study abroad trek.

Unimaginable learning happens in real time with scientist and artist!




Panama Community Service & Cultural Exchange

Our Panama trek is aligned with National Geographic scale experiences. Really!


An alluring look into Panama's culture through indigenous tribal visits, the Afro-Latino diaspora, and service learning with a focus on the United Nations Sustainable Goals. 


Panama is an excellent backdrop for our study abroad experience! 


Costa Rica - Civics, Government and Culture 

Our curriculum will highlight and delve into aspects of the intersection of Civics, Government & Culture. 


Exploring, learning, and experiencing the many facets of Costa Rica's government, and how democracy impacts its society.


The learning experience includes visits to various communities, the rainforest, beach towns, historic sites, cultural venues, and the capital city to understand the social impact of the government's policies and laws.

PtC Global Treks are designed to achieve specific goals and outcomes through amazing adventures.  Our specialty geographic areas are located throughout the Americas and Caribbean, which allow our teams to provide expert travel experience itineraries in the following locations. We also provide service to other countries upon request.



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