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Alternative Spring Break DC

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Peace thru Culture has provided programs to youth in DC for more than a decade through global education.

This Spring, Peace thru Culture and the Mayor’s Office of Latino Affairs has teamed up to provide an Alternative Spring Break for girls ages 12-16, who are interested in exploring DC, blogging, culture, art, food, seeing DC, community service hours (25-35), and more.

The program was free to DC residents from various Wards. The week long program started on Monday, April 15 and ended April 19th, 2019.

About the Program:

PtC will provide a high quality culturally focused educational program for Spring Break week culminating in 40 hours of educational programming to a maximum of 20 youth from diverse communities.

The Alternative Spring Break program helped female youth focus on their unique cultural heritage through our Peace thru Culture curriculum. We presented the segments through hands-on, interactive engagement that included field trips to various landmark sites related history, art and social justice. In addition, there were several expert presenters, activities, and a continuous writing and blogging segments to capture the nuances of the program and to share through social media which focuses on the Latino and African diaspora, and their intersection. The program aimed to show the lineage and linkage of these groups to other ethnic groups in the DC area.

Participants also learned about the cultural aspects of their heritage to help instill pride, and to learn about the cultural aspects of others to increase their knowledge and to create understanding about various cultures. This experience was designed to evoke compassion by focusing on the human condition of all people.

Throughout the camp, the campers had the opportunity to explore the similarities of various the cultures of study through lectures, museums, and artist. These experiences give youth exposure and a newfound knowledge of how cooperation between different cultures can translate into anti-bullying attitudes and conflict resolution in their own communities.

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