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Culture Collective: Drive and Listen

The ongoing world pandemic caused a lot of travel restrictions that remain in place and have hindered may peoples travel plans. Because of this, many new and innovative ideas have flourished which allow anyone with a computer and an internet connection to explore different cities from the comfort of their own home. The website Drive and Listen, allows anyone to join from any part of the world, pick a city and have the POV of an actual car driving through the city. Some of the cool features of this website include being able to listen to the street noise as you drive, and you can even listen to local radio stations to hear about local news or even listen to music that is popular in that city. There is a wide range of cities available to drive through which include Amsterdam, Barcelona, Chicago, Havana, Moscow, New York City, among many others. Although the driving videos we see are pre-recorded, they provide great insight into what the city is like and they provide a great virtual tourism experience.

To check this out yourself click on the link below!

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