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GLOBAL VIBE: Free Resources to Learn a New Language

Do you want to learn a new language for a job, travel, or just personal enrichment? Here are a few resources that you access for free to help you on your language learning journey.


Duolingo is a 100% free app used by language learners all around the world. There are lots of languages you can learn on Duolingo, including popular ones like Spanish, French, Manarian, Russian, and Arabic. There are also other languages available to learn on the app that are hard to find other resources for, such as Navajo and Hawaiian.


There are content creators all over the internet who create content in virtually any language you think of. You can watch language lesson videos if you are new to the language, and you can watch more advanced and scripted content when you get better at it.

Online Communities

Social media and internet forums have evolved to the point where there are online communities for even the most niche things. You can go to websites such as Facebook and Reddit to interact with other people trying to learn the same language as you and people who are fluent in the language you are trying to learn.

Local Library

Your local library likely has various books in regard to learning a language that you are interested in. Many people do not know this, but many libraries also offer online language learning services like Rosetta Stone for free, which can oftentimes be very expensive otherwise.

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