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GLOBAL VIBE: How to Make Pineapple Pancakes

As part of our Hawaii activities for the PtC Discovery Series, we made delicious pineapple pancakes! Here is a simple recipe for you to make your own!


  1. Pancake Mix

  2. Canned Pineapple

  3. Butter or Cooking Oil


  1. Put the contents of the pancake mix into a large bowl.

  2. Open and drain the canned pineapple. Add it to a small bowl.

  3. Crush the pineapple with a fork and put it to the side.

  4. Add water as directed on the pancake mix package.

  5. After you have mixed the pancake into a smooth batter, add the pineapple.

  6. Set the bowl aside.

  7. Cook the pancakes as directed on the pancake mix package.

  8. Enjoy your pineapple pancakes!

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