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Global Vibe: St. Patrick's Day Traditions

St. Patricks Day is tomorrow, March 17th. It honors the patron saint of Ireland St. Patrick. There are many fun traditions that occur on this day to honor him. How do you celebrate?

  • Green is a traditional color of St. Patrick's day in connection to the color of shamrocks. Shamrocks were used to represent the Holy Trinity.

  • Dressing up and wearing lots of green is a part of the celebration for many. Some might even dress up as leprechauns. Legends said that leprechauns were known for being tricksters but if you caught one, you were considered lucky.

  • In celebration, Chicago dyes the Chicago river green every year. It has become a major tourist attraction over the years

  • While there aren’t any this year, many cities have parades honoring the Irish heritage to include bagpipes, irish step dancing or clubs that the city has. The celebration of St. Patrick's day in the form of parades began in New York City in 1762. Ireland didn’t have their first parade until 1931

  • Corn beef and cabbage is most commonly eaten on St. Patrick's day, although it has only become popular because of Irish Americans.

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