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Learning About the DC African & Latino Diaspora

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

What We Learned

We learned about the different diasporas. A diaspora is any group of migration that has left a country or region.

What We Ate

For lunch, we ate at a Mexican restaurant called Tacqueria Los Compradres

We all had different things. The popular items on the menu were the ground chicken & shredded chipotle chicken tacos. The restaurant expressed the Mexican culture, from the food to the pictures on the walls. The tacos came with this green salsa that was the color of guacamole and red salsa. The salsa verde had a little bit of spice to it, but the red salsa did not have as much spice to the taste.

What We Experienced

We visited the Mexican Cultural Institute, where we saw the exhibit called Underlying Borders.

What are Borders?

Boarders are a line that segregates two political, geographical areas, and or countries

Afro-Mexicans. Mexicans that have both a predominant heritage from the Sub- Saharan Africans. This exhibit also had murals called "Tehuantepec Festivals"which is a an annual Festival of the Flowers in Tehuantepec, Mexico. Which these murals portray women and men who seem to be dancing with garlands of flowers. The men who are dancing are wearing Pre-Columbian mask and a headdress. They also had, a Rural scene witch portrays typical agriculture activities. Lastly, the exhibit featured The Pan-American Mural, The Landing of Columbus Murals, and Pre-Columbian Mexico.

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