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Pack Light

Since I am natural (hair, lipstick, lip gloss and eyeliner, except for the gel nails), you would think I would not require a massive bag full of daily products when traveling. Well the truth is, I am not nearly as natural as I claim to be. The toiletries bag is full of hair products (shampoo, gel, leave in conditioner, oil) – a must for “my” curly hair – natural soap, skin moisturizer and face moisturizer, razor and shaving cream, and anything else I threw into this heavy and space hogging proposition.

Do Better

As a social entrepreneur, road warrior, and educator of all things cultural and sustainable, I have to do better. As an effort to offset my enormous carbon footprint, I’d like to travel lighter. If I need something on the road, I plan to look for small local shops to provide oils, usually handmade soaps. This adds to being a sustainable traveler.

This is it! I can go two weeks with these toiletries. Two essential hair products (gel and leave-in), nut oil for all over use, small lotion from @finesselyfestyle, and my tiny face moisture. All other items are packed between my clothes (toothbrush and paste, comb, hair pens). Can you guess what I bring on a two week trip for clothes? Stay tuned for new blog posts. I can’t wait to show you just how I lighten my load.

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