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PtC Hack: Become a Tourist in Your Own City

Are you new to the area or wanting to learn more about the place you called home for most of your life? While we might not be able to travel abroad like we used to, there are so many travel opportunities without having to leave your town. Check out these easy tips to exploring

  • Plan a little staycation

  • Grab your friend or two and make your way across your town

  • Look for brochures at a hotel or welcoming center. They might have suggestions on places you didn’t know or forgot about

  • Try something new. Get outside- maybe your town has local hiking trails or beaches that are rarely visited with beautiful sites

  • Wherever you decide to go, take a camera with you. There might be photo opportunities that are often overlooked

  • Eat at some popular restaurants that you don’t frequently visit

  • Ask a friend where their favorite place to visit is. Maybe ask them to show you around. Seeing the town from another perspective is the perfect way to get more familiar with it

  • Check out the little gems of the town. It might be a museum, a small gift shop or a landmarks with the best view that you never existed

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