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PtC Hack; Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

The U.S has the second largest carbon footprint in the world. Although climate change can be overwhelming, if each person makes just a few changes in their life, it can make a difference. Here are some tips to reducing our carbon footprint:


  1. Reducing car use by walk places and carpooling with others if you are able to. The less gas cars use helps reduce carbon emission significantly.

  2. Even on hot days, try using less air conditioning. Roll down the windows instead


  1. Eat less meat- Production of red meat is particularly bad for the environment because of feed, water and land it requires.

  2. Make a grocery list to prevent buying too much and limits waste


  1. Turn down the heat when you not home or don’t need it like in the summertime

  2. Turn off the lights when you leave the room

  3. Unplug charging cords when you are not using them


  1. Bring reusable grocery bags when shopping

  2. Reduce buying things with plastic wrapping like plastic water bottles. Instead purchase a reusable water bottle

  3. Donate old clothes instead of throwing them. Let someone else get out use of them

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