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Youth Power on Capitol Hill (Day 3)

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

On April 17th, the alternative spring breakers explored Capitol Hill and the National Mall. We started the morning at the Capitol building and discussed the importance of some of the building and how the political process works.

At the moment a female representative named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is trying to pass the "Green New Deal"act which helps to deal with climate change. The bills being passed now don't affect us as much now, but this one will impact us in the future. In the Hall of Congress, Ocasio-Cortez office was the most vibrant because there were multiple post it notes and the notes were words filled with gratitude.

We then continued to sight-see the different buildings connected to congress such as the Supreme Justice Court and the Library of Congress.

Did you know, if you are 16 or older you can register to read books in Library of Congress. Fast forward to lunch time, we decide to eat at "Good Stuff Eatery." Authentic American food was devoured in a span of 1 hour, by group of famished adolescents. We ate a variety of burgers with fries and the location we ate at was the first one ever opened. "Good Stuff Eatery" was established in 2008 on capitol hill and now has many more restaurants all over the DMV.

We end our day with exploring the American History Museum and were all in fond of the dresses the 1st ladies wore. The different style of each era was very unique and creative. The most popular was Michelle Obama, it was flowy and simple, yet stunning.

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