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Youth Rock: Civic Engagement

The youth are the future! Making your voice heard and standing up for what you believe in is more important than ever before. While some might believe that anything they do matter, it can truly change a community and inspire others to get involved as well.

Political Activism

Although many youth are not able to vote, your voice can still have an influence on those around you that can vote. Educate yourself on important political issues so that when it does come time to vote, you know what you believe. In the meantime, you might attend rallies or events in your community that can make a difference in making your voice heard!


Whether you are volunteering in an afterschool program or picking up trash on the beach, every little bit matters. There are many forms of volunteering and even just a few hours afterschool or on the weekend can make a difference! Not only can it be extremely beneficial for the person, it also helps the community as a whole.

To find volunteer opportunities near you, check out



We only get one planet to live on so it's important to take care of it. By staying active in your community and taking care of the environment, it helps keep the planet clean. Some simple ways to help the environment might be to pick up trash, use reusable water bottles, and possibly plant a garden in your backyard.

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