PtC Culture Camp & Corps are youth development programs hosted during out of school time during the school year and breaks. 

PtC Camp Curriculum is designed for children and youth ages 8-12 includes exploring the cultural “mixing bowl” of Washington D.C., community service and numerous educational adventures throughout the City.  Campers explore, learn, and engage in cultural enrichment programs through the arts, earth sciences and partnerships with local organizations.

PtC Corps is an opportunity for youth ages 12-16 to enhance  leadership skills, community engagement strategies, civic instruction, time management, life skills and community service hours.  The Corps is also introduced to global opportunities via local college tours, internship day, leadership forum, and optional participation in our Global Trek Costa Rica STEAM program.

PtC Meet Up! allows past participants of all Peace thru Culture (PtC) programs to remain engaged in global activities. Participants are able to continue their global development and understanding through global events, opportunities and mentoring

Global Treks study abroad programs are an adventure of language, people, and places.  Our Global Treks are hosted in the Americas (North, South and Central) providing an excellent backdrop for all of our service learning, cultural and language Immersion. (Ages 12-16)

Our STEM + Art (STEAM) treks allow participants to have hands on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) experience with local scientist. biologist and engineers in addition to the arts. (Ages 12-16)


My favorite activities were the field trips and cooking! Cooking because I LOVE, Love, love cooking. And the field trips because they were like “soooooooo” fun, especially when we went to China Town”. Nya (Summer 2015).

PtC Meet Up!

Global Treks


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