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Paula Marie Scholarship Fund:

Contributions help youth participate in our PtC youth development programs. The scholarship is in honor of "Ms. Paula" my mom, a youth development worker serving DC youth for more than 30 years at the DC Department of Recreation.

In-kind Donation:  

This is an opportunity for youth participants or our global partners with items needed to help them strive, survive, and sustain. Contact Us for the current list.

Volunteer Time:

 There are many volunteer assignments available with commitments as little or great as you are willing to give. Contact Us for more details.

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Following are a few "Donor Ideas" to assist PtC in continuing its mission and goals to serve all youth - even those without resources to participate in our educational programs.

  • PtC Global Sponsor  - $5,000
  • PtC Global Trek Scholar- $2,500
  • PtC Corps Scholar  -  $1,500
  • PtC Operations Fund - $500
  • PtC Monthly Donor Fund - $50
Or choose an amount and get started in supporting youth in need. Every donation helps!
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