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PtC Programs

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PtC Global Treks offer immersive study abroad experiences tailored to high school students aged 12-18, integrating dynamic curricula encompassing STEM + Arts, Government and Civics, Language and Culture, and Service Learning and Culture. Designed to ignite intellectual curiosity and foster holistic development, our programs combine academic exploration with cultural immersion, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of global issues and their interconnectedness. Through engaging activities, hands-on projects, and meaningful interactions with diverse communities, students gain valuable insights into sustainable development, civic engagement, and cross-cultural communication, empowering them to become informed, empathetic global citizens poised to make a positive impact in an increasingly interconnected world.


PtC Corps is an innovative out-of-school time program designed to extend and enrich global education for participants beyond traditional classroom settings. Through a diverse range of hosted events, web-based programs, and personalized mentoring, PtC Corps offers a dynamic platform for continued learning and exploration focused on global development, cultural understanding, and mentorship. Participants engage in interactive activities, discussions, and virtual exchanges that deepen their understanding of global issues and foster cross-cultural communication skills. With a focus on mentorship, PtC Corps provides personalized guidance and support to empower participants to become active global citizens, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and perspective to navigate and contribute to an increasingly interconnected world.

PtC Corps

PtC Alumni

If you have graduated high school or served as a college intern at Peace thru Culture, we invite you to join PtC  Alumni.  Stay connected to global education, peers, mentors discounted travel and opportunities .

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