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PtC Global Trek
Costa Rica: Stem + Arts

July 14-21, 2024 / 8 days & 7 nights

All Inclusive $2,700- Including Airfare Up to $600

STEM + Arts Costa Rica offers a dynamic, immersive, and culturally-rich exploration for youth with an interest in STEM + Arts. Our program is a combination of hands-on STEM + Arts activities, cultural experiences, and local arts. Participants will gain practical skills and knowledge, through actively engaging in all phases of STEM + Arts, and will develop a deep appreciation for the unique culture of Costa Rica.

Experience the wonder of STEM + Art in Costa Rica with us!


Day 1: Arrival in Costa Rica

Our day starts with travel and to Costa Rica, orientation and star gazing.   

Day 2:  STEM Field Work - Aguaculture & Rockets!

STEM comes to life through aquaculture and technology.

Day 3:  STEM Field Work - Renewable Energy

Costa Rica runs on 100% renewable energy and we investigate how!

Day 4: STEM Field Work - Rain Forest 

Making a difference can mean a world of opportunities.  

Day 5: Oceans Alive and Community Engagement

 Pacific Ocean, and ways to protect our waterways. 

Day 6:  Community Service and Home Visit

Spend the day exploring the Pacific Ocean, and ways to protect our waterways and meet-up with locals.

Day 7: Youth to Youth Exchange

Team building and youth to youth exchange.

Day 8: Farwell Costa Rica - Return to US

Final day in Costa Rica, US bound.

- Travel to Liberia Costa Rica

- Hotel check-in and Orientation & Survival Spanish #1

- Sunset Dinner & Astronomy: Beach Star Gazing

- Breakfast and prep for the day

- Survival Spanish Lesson #2

- Fish Farm Project: Aquaculture & Technology 

- Typical Costa Rican Lunch 

- Plasma Rocket Propulsion 

- Waterfall Walk & Photo Fun

- Liberia City Tour & Dinner

- Wrap up Day

- Breakfast and prep for the day

- Self- Care & Survival Spanish Lesson #3

- Miravalles Electric Plant & Volcano 

- Lunch @ Hornitos Volcano Crater

- Dinner & Art Project with Local Artist

- Wrap up Day

- Breakfast and prep for the day

- Tenorio National Park & Rainforest Hike 

- Farm to Table Lunch @ Cata Cocoa Farm

- Cocoa Farming & Chocolate Making Class

-  Dinner and Dance Lessons

- Wrap up Day

- Breakfast and prep for the day

- Self-Care & Survival Spanish Lesson #4

- Ocean Science w/ Rocket Frog Diver

- Lunch at Beach Restaurant

- Playas del Coco Team Building & Costa Rica Games

- Coco Town Walking Tour 

- Dinner - Complete Field Study Assignments

- Wrap up day

- Breakfast and prep for the day

- Beach walk & Yoga

- Community Service Project

- Lunch 

- Complete All Field Work Assignments

- Dinner with Local Family

- Wrap up Day

- Roundtable breakfast and prep for the day

- Team Building @ Pool Activities

- Lunch 

- Canopy tour with Local Youth

- Dinner with Local Youth

- Wrap up Day, vlog/blog & lights out

- Farewell breakfast and prep for departure

- Depart for the airport to return to home country

- Home safe


Regional-style Meals and Healthy Snacks Daily

Eye Opening Lessons & Adventures

Airfare & Ground Transportation


Sustainable Travel

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