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Culture Collective: Symbols of Peace

Happy International Day of Peace! Peace can be show cased in a variety of symbols. Symbolism is different all across the world. Something that represents kindness in one country might be seen as disrespectful in another.

Olive branch- During Romans times, an olive branch was used as a sign of peace after the Greek goddess, Eirene. A common phrase is “extending the olive branch” as a sign of forgiveness or peace between two people.

A broken rifle/ arrow- After a war has ended, an image of a broken rifle was shown to symbolize peace or the end of battle. For Native Americans, a broken arrow symbolized peace.

Paper crane- In Japan, an origami paper crane symbolizes peace and luck after Japanese folklore that stated if you made 1000 a wish would be granted.

The Dove- The dove has been used as a symbol of peace for a number of religions including Greek mythology and early Christianity.

Peace Symbol- Over the years, the peace symbol has become one of the most common recognized symbols for peace. It was originally created for the British nuclear disarmament movement in the 1960s.

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